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Dave L Hoffman

I am 32 years old, married with no kids. I am a member of: Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association. Lebanon Valley Society of Radio Amateurs Lancaster Radio Transmitting Society Appalachian Amateur Radio Group Hanover Area Hamming Association Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club Berry Mountain Amateur Radio Club ARRL Radios: TS-2000 FT-8900 TM-V7A TH-D7 VX-3R TM-271A VX 8R

United States
Grid: - DXCC:

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N3PRO Updated over 5 years ago
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Status Update: @N7ICE Happy Birthday!

N3PRO Updated over 6 years ago

Status Update: @N7ICE thank you! Feel bad it's been so long since I've been here. Glad to see you still moving forward.

N3PRO Updated over 6 years ago

Status Update: snooping

N3PRO Updated over 6 years ago

Joined 73s!

N3PRO Updated over 6 years ago